Daphne blue PJ bass


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Hey everyone,new guy here.

Just thought I would post one of my Warmoth basses.I'm building two or three a year

This one is a swamp ash P body with a jazz pickup added.The pickups are Curtis Novak handwounds

the controls are 62 stack knobs.Badass bridge and Shaller tuners.All paint is nitro.Thanks for looking



Welcome aboard mate! What a beautiful bass, nice specs and a great paint job. It must be a good week for the old colors. I just finished my fiesta red yesterday. :icon_thumright:
Incredible paint job is more like it.  I have always loved the Daphne blue, and the matching headstock takes the cake....Nice work, Instagator!  By the way, is the 2 to 3 a year all for you personally, sounds like quite the arsenal!!!??
Yeah,they are all mine,everytime I finish one I find a new color or pickup config that I want to try..

Can't part with them after they are finished.Oh well.

I'll post a couple more in a few.Cheers
Have you found any advantage to the roller string-T? I've got a fretless bass coming up in my future here somewhere, but the traditional button retainer looks so normal to me....
Hey Stub.I wanted something different as well.The roller tree looks cool.Functions well.But once the bass is in tune,it just holds the strings down.If your'e not going for that traditional look I would go for it..Cheers
That, my friend, is one flipping well beautifully clean bass.  I like it!~
You have singlehandedly changed my about matching headstocks with maple necks. I never thought it would look right, but you've proven me wrong.
Thanks RWL...it seems that I'm just a matching headstock nut....I have several others that I did recently but they are not all Warmoth so I didn't post them here.Thanks again

Cheers. :eek:ccasion14:
O.K.dbw..looks like build pictures are slow in coming so here's my last one.Sorry if I'm stepping out of Warmoth territory,but it does have a Warmoth connection.The neck on this one was cracked during a rough UPS delivery,here's the good news...insurance bought me a new Warmoth maple/ebony fretless.That one went on another bass.The adjuster told me to keep the broken one.The MIJ neck had a split between the first two tuners and through to the headstock.This was repaired with C.A. and painted.The back is vintage ambered...all nitro.You can't even tell it was damaged.

The color is Crown Royal Purple from ReRanch,all nitro.The body is a stripped Mex.The neck is MIJ.The pickups are Fralin,Shaller tuners are from the Warmoth hardware shop,as well as the string tree.....So here's something to look at untill my ALL WARMOTH project is finished

Cheers. :eek:ccasion14: