Cutting a paddlehead like a Music Man 5+2?


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I have a Warmoth 7-string body & neck on order, with a straight "paddlehead" peghead:
I'm making it with a NON-locking whammy & Schaller locking tuners for tonal reasons (Floyds suck), so the paddlehead gives you a straight string pull over the nut. A friend of mine just suggested that I could sink two more tuner homes on the opposite side, like on a Petrucci MM 7-string:
I can see no downside, and a couple of big advantages: shorter for better balance & case-fitting convenience, and no need for a string T. I have an Ibanez RG7421 with a straight-7 headstock that works fine, but it's angled back with a scarf joint. Has anybody done this, to either a 7 or a 6-string? (Music Man does a similar 4+2 tuner arrangement on their 6-strings for the exact same reasons).