Custom Guitar Pedals


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I figured this would be a good place to post this. I design and make Custom Effects pedals.. I started a small business called DC Custom Effects.. If you are interested in a custom guitar pedal.. and i mean completely custom.. anything you want i can probably do... and the plus side my effects are way cheaper than name brand custom/boutique effects. they are true hardwire bypass and are made of high quality parts. They usually cost around 60- 80 bucks for one of my pedals.. i also do mods

here is a list of pedals that i have named and have the PCB's ready for:

Holy Tube: ( twin channel tube distortion)
Blaster: Treble/mid range booster built w/ an OC44 tranisistor
Leslie Simulator
Tube screamer replica w/ fat bottom mod
4 isolated output Power supply
The Wave: Frequency booster
Brickwall: Solid state distortion
Axe Splitter: Guitar signal splitter
Then hammer: Compressor

I can do alot more just ask!

Here is my pedal board.. every pedal was made by me or customized...(Besides the Boss Tu-2 Tuner)

Here is my looper pedal which is a 20 second analog looping pedal... it sounds kind of like the Zvex's lo fi loop junky pedal

if you like what you see and are interested in a pedal or a mod contact me at