Cure time for acrylic lacquer?



I'm assuming it's the same as nitro (30 days + -), but I haven't been able to find any info on curing time before rubout + polish.
much shorter, how short, like nitro, depends on the environmentals

nitro can "cure" and shrink in, in a very short time, given the right treatment of controlled humidity, temperature, and Jack's secret......

acrylic tends to offer a shorter drying time, and thus "curing" time, over nitrocellulose lacquer

thats about all that can be said, as... each product is going to differ. 
By much shorter, are we talking days vs. weeks, or weeks vs. months.
Let's say I live in an area where I am running the AC 12 months out of the year almost every day. And let's also say I have 2 guitar bodies hanging in my air conditioned closet to cure. While we're at it, let's say my wife complains about the smell every day. And hypothetically, we can say I'll be needing a new wife soon.
So, would 2 weeks be sufficient cure time?
AC, are you nuts?  It's about ten degrees outside here... the heat is all the way up and my apartment is still cold!  :tard: :tard:
Evaporating solvent is usually the source of smell. A good indication that it's not cured yet. Heat is your friend, turn the AC off.
But Florida is extremely humid... won't that slow down the evaporation even more?
Jack's secret = tanning bed...

I don't have any experience with acrylic, just use nitro; but NOT a bad idea to let them dry outside until at least most of the solvent fumes evaporate, and if the body can be hung in direct sunlight, it duplicates the tanning bed idea and will dry/cure more quickly, but temp/humidity factors still apply.

On nitro finishes I usually assemble and play for 4-6 weeks, then disassemble and do the final wet sand/buff out, don't know that you need to do that with acrylic. Somebody on the board shoot arcylic?
talking about a new wife, remember that the new one is gonna have the same bad habits as the previous one + her new bad habits  :icon_biggrin:
That's why I keep marrying them younger and younger. The next one (#4 for me) will have to be about 18.  :toothy12: