Creating bigger headaches?


I'm very new to this. My first try was a Tele/Strat cross. A true one. I sawed a Tele bridge in half and butted a Wilkinson whammy right up to the steel to get it to reverberate. I am working on a second similar guitar ("third time's a charm", so I can't wait to see what this hunk of need I say it will turn out to be). I have this question--I have a nice Fender Tele body I'd like to use. Would I be better off having something made, even though we're broke right now? My friend, an actual luthier, offered to route it out for the Wilkinson I am putting in, but I'm beginning to wonder if sticking a Nashville Tele p/up configuration in a Strat body makes more sense. Is routing a Tele body out for a Wilkinson that bad a hassle? How bad is it changing a six screw vintage style over to a Wilkinson? Luthier friend says yes, pain in fanny. But everything from start to finish was a stinkin' pain the arse so that doesn't suprise me. Does anyone think a better idea is sticking together a Strat with a Tele neck p/up and Tele brdge p/up recessed in a partial steel bridge a better idea than doing all the aforementioned to a Tele? I just listed in the gallery so if anyone wants to know what an actual cross between the two looks like (with some wiring mods) look up Mike Fitzgerald's Telecaster. I love 70s Strat necks but Tele neck and bridge sounds. The middle would be a P-90 this time, if possible. Any suggestions? Also, everyone's stuff is awesome and is what inspired to stop modifying all my guitars and just build one. I think after a try or two, I will have the finest instrument I have ever owned. And back in my r'n'r days, we had a bunch of product endorsements. When they first started, Brian Moore sent me a prototype to use in a soundtrack. So, mine isn't exactly junk. I'm blown away by everyone's. I just have a really really specific thing in mind.
Wow!  That's a mouthfull.  Whatever you do will probably be just fine. Guitars are not rocket science, no one has built the perfect guitar, and many of the most sought after guitars were built by guys like you, trying your own ideas, and not following the rest of the pack.

So if it works for you, do it.  I like that your cutting parts in half and butting them together, might look like crap and sound bad ass.
hey, that was a lot of questions, but I routed a out a tele body for a trem, and I love it.  Not to difficult either, considering it was the first time I had ever used a router in my life (except for my practice run on a 2x4).  Be aware you will lose the tele tone completely, changing the bridge like that.  good luck. :eek:ccasion14:

btw, I couldn't find your pictures by searching as you recommended. 
Changing from a standard vintage Strat whammy to a Wilkinson is still less than half the hassle of routing out the whole thing, because the standard whammy already has the spring cavity in back routed out. You just need to reshape the slot a bit, and sink the posts. I don't see anything on the Warmoth site about charging extra to route a Tele body for a Wilkinson? So all new would be $155 and up, depending on control routes and wood. What would your friend charge to route your existing body, and what could you sell the standard Tele body for? (Or just keep it, you'll be building more...  :evil4: :evil4:)