Coolest Bass Riffs Ever

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What, no Rush???

Ok here is some Rush



You're right, we've totally neglected Geddy Lee on this thread.  For serious GL licks I recommend:

YYZ from Moving Pictures
La Villa Strangiato from Hemispheres   :glasses10:

Seems a few less-than-stellar live clips were picked. While not horrendous, in no way are those clips indicative of what he can do.

Listen to all of Hemispheres, especially the title suite. Snakes and Arrows, the new disc, has some outstanding playing by all 3.
m4rk0 said:
Check out the Bass Solo in 5:15!
Why didn't they hire a real guitarist instead of Pete's Brother :(

As I said back on page one, John Entwhistle is GOD!  Great vid!  :icon_thumright: Thanks for sharing! 
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dude. when embedding, you just need the url.

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dude. when embedding, you just need the url.


I C. I've played with that band a few times now. Never would have thought.
More John Entwhistle from You Tube:

This first vid, of John earlier in his career, is of The Who playing their signature song, "Won't get fooled again".  John's performance has been isolated both visually and sonically.


This second vid is another performance of 5:15 from later in The Who's career. As with the other vid of 5:15 provided on this thread, this too features a Killer bass solo. Note John's carbon fiber bass and gold strings.

Another tidbit from You Tube that I stumbled upon. This is Level 42's Mark King.  A bass player who never really enjoyed much exposure in North America. However, he' s a bass playing god in Europe. Enjoy.

that one from wamothrules, overall i hated it but those few seconds that only the bass was playing was really cool. that guy can really play but with everything else going at once it made my head hurt.
Ok, Mick Karn. The singing is embarrassing, but hey, that's some bassifying he's doing.

(and Steve Wilson!)

never heard of Mick Karn, he seems to be a pretty good bassist. I couldnt tell if it really was Steven Willson till I saw that he was bare-foot.

You guys are all forgetting the most talented, musical, dynamic bassist who ever lived... Sid Vicious.

Seriously though, he stinks out loud, but I guess that was the whole idea.  :party07:  Anyway they didn't let him play on Nevermind the Bollocks, but he was entertaining on stage, even when his bass wasn't plugged in.
I guess you could say that and be sort of right, but in truth most of the songs on the record were recorded before he was a part of the band.  The songs go back two years before the record came out but Sid was present when it was released.  But the relevant point here that everyone does know is that Sid could not play and never really tried.  He was in it purely for the Nihilism.
Nikki Sixx was such a bad bass player that they used studio guys on all the Motley Crue record, and during the concerts a real bass player stood backstage and played the bass parts so Nikki could concentrate on his "singing", dancing and hairdo.... he could write competent hair-metal anthems*, he just couldn't play them. All kinds of bands used to do that stuff, the real musicians have to sign non-disclosure agreements so the adoring throngs don't find out how the song keeps going on while the guitarist is falling over vomiting on himself. Nowadays they all just use recordings, and hire a guy with a real quick thumb on the panic button (sometimes not quite quick enough :toothy12:).

*(As far as that kind of thing goes.)