Confusion about back color options with dye


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I'm spec'ing out my next build and have a question about options for the back finish.  In my case it will be a tele with swamp ash body, quilt maple top in purple dye with natural masked edges.  So far, so good.

For the back finish the builder shows 4 options, 1 of which has me a little confused.  This is how I understand them to look.

1) Black - the back is black and the black stops at the natural binding with the top remaining just purple dye
2) Black (Burst Over) - back is black but the black from the back "bursts over" to the front making the top purple with black burst edges.  The natural binding is still natural (I think of it like the burst jumped over the binding on its trip front back to front)
3) Clear - the back will look like swamp ash and the top will be purple dye
Now the confusing one...
4) Transparent Purple (Burst Over) = obviously the back is transparent purple..the burst over part is what has me confused.  Burst over means the back color carries over to the front on the edges.  In this case the front is already purple so if the back purple "bursts over" to the front nothing would change on the front because it's already purple.  What do I not understand about this option?  Does the purple burst over make the edges of the front not transparent purple any more?

I hope this makes sense.
The trans purple and purple dye do not look the same. The trans purple burst over will affect the look of the purple dye.
Let me make sure I understand.  Purple dye and transparent purple are different colors?  So if I do a burst over the transparent purple will blend with the purple dye on the top thereby making a  new shade of purple.

If that’s the case I will definitely not go with this option because I have no idea what it will look like.  Also, in addition to the colors being different, the wood on the front and back are also different which will also likely result in the front and back being different shades of purple. It could look cool and might also not look good at all.  I’m not that adventurous. 

Thanks for the help.
Spec out a body on their website in purple dye then do the same one again in trans purple. They are mildly different.
Also, obviously, the medium and method to transfer the color to the guitar body are different.
Here is an example of purple dye with a purple burst.

Now, it gets tricky with natural masked binding. Something HAS to be shot over the tape to make the natural masked binding, you can't just dye the top and then paint the back. You'd have a really weird jagged line on top, so a tight burst at least has to be sprayed to create the natural masked binding. If you selected clear back or trans purple, it would be a purple burst. If you selected black with burst over, it would be a small black burst. If you select Black with no burst over, it would be a purple burst. If you email customer service you might be able to ask for a tight burst to be done.


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I really like the purple burst!  The body I’m looking at is roasted swamp ash and I want to see the color of the wood so I’m thinking I’ll go with clear back. 

Thanks for the help.