Concentric pots wiring diagram?


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I'm awaiting the arrival of a dual pickup P-90 Tele and I decided to use the concentric pots so I could have the controls of an LP with the look of a Tele. I was wondering if anyone has wiring diagrams for something like that?
I just received my concentric pots/knobs for the body in my avatar (along with the reverse Strat neck :p ).I've never wired a concentric setup before. However, from what I can gather you just treat it as if they were individual pots. The only thing I am trying to decide on is tone top/volume bottom or vice versa.
Just think of the wiring as you would for two individual pots. So if you have a wiring diagram of what you want for separate pots, just transpose that across.
I dont have a diagram for concentric pots but I have also done it on a tele. I recommend the bottom, larger control be the volume. Reason being that I have never encountered a situation where I needed to turn my tone down in a hurry and the access to the little top knob is harder for a quick turn.