Comfy-est guitar to play sitting down

What is the most comfortable body style to play sitting down?

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those poll results are predictable, most people play strat style bodies.

If you limited the poll to only those who have tried all of the choices, I bet the results would differ, but strat would probably still rank high, surpassed probably by a carved top body ie soloist? Just  a guess
To me, a front-mounted output jack would be the deciding factor.
I say SG. even though they are top end heavy and arnt really comfortable, but its like the guitar ive always wanted but never needed...  :sad1:
I would probably say some sort of semi-hollow body, just because I like some meat on them bones. Having a large body under my picking hand/arm is comfortable to me.
Vs and Explorers are pretty good to play sitting down depending on the output jack on the V, but all around the strat just kills em.
personally i find all electric guitars difficult to play sitting. I'd rather stand. I suppose my choice would be an acoustic guitar or a gretch country gentlemen or something similar.  I've never found solid body electrics comfortable to play sitting.
Without a doubt... the Gibson SG.

Thin comfortable body, light-medium weight, access to the 22 fret without even trying!