Combine 250k pot and 1 Concentric 500k pot with passive pickups?


First my wishlist then the questions.
Here´s what I want to order from Warmoth:
Custom T Bass Body, Thinline version with an F-Hole, Black Korina top and body. Top routed with an sidejack and an Tele® Bass Control Plate - TBCP1C.
Pickups I already have is 1 passive original Fender P-Bass ( ~80) and 1 passive Seymor Duncan J-Bass bridge pickup. And an fretless neck rosewood/maple.
Question is:
Can I use 1 Concentric 500k Pot for the P-bass pickup volume and tone for boths pickups, and 1 CTS Brand 250k Pot for the S-D J-Bass pickup (like an ordinary J-Bass setup) . Or do I have to use an 500k pot also for the J- Bass pickup, but that is not going to sound so good or?.
Maybe I need to have it rearrouted with three 250k pots  :(
I´m an double bass player and I have a feeling that it´s better to have it toprouted because you are removing less wood instead of rearrouted, that´s why my corny questions. If you have some better ideas you are really welcome!

Is the ordinary capacitor in an tone control for J-bass .022uf?

Regards Mingus
You can mix the volume pots.

You might want to try a few different values on the tone capacitor.
Thanx for your quick answer.
But is it a bad choice to have an 500k on the P-Bass pickup. Is the sound gonna be to bright or?

Regards Mingus
no, it wont be too bright

most bass pickups are rather high output, a bit higher impedance than guitar pickups, personally, I'd got 500/500 with 250 for tone
for bass i always favored a 2 meg volume and 500k concentric for tonal variations, wich a semi decreased cap from what u are using u should get a very wide open in your face tone, but with the 500 also turn down to about half way and u get the characteristics of the 250
1/(1/2000k + 1/500k) = 400k that's not too diferent from 1/(1/1000k+1/1000k) = 500k hmm why stagger the values? no diference they get wired in parallel to ground. they afect both pup's unless you add a 3way switch, them they still afect both when the switch is in the midle position.

iff you think 400k is that diferent from 500k you could use a pair of 1 meg pots and get a 2meg resistor at radio shack. not to mention that if the volumes are wired for independant operation like i beleive they are in most 2 pup basses you'd get some really funky stuff going on with pickup load when both pots are at part volume. the brightness of the bass will change in a less predictable way than 2 1-meg pots

you seem dead set on stagering pot values on the notion that you "hear" a diference. lots of people "hear" a diference between a set neck and a bolt-on neck, or a plastic vs. celluose (sp?) pick guard but that doesn't make it true.

to answer mingus
my opinion? how can a bass be too bright? i'd go with CB. he's basically the authority on anything guitars on this forum.
sounds like you have a good idea of what you need. just need confermation. good luck :icon_thumright:
i say so, cuz typicaly if u use a higher rated pot before the volume in this case, you get a less tonable sound if u deire to use it in that combination, i always tend to use lower pot values before the volume pot...i feel that in conjunction with turning them, this alows alot more of a tonal bleed instead sometimes using a higer tonal value wired before a lower volume pot sometimes cuts tomuch into tone

just a sugestion, sorry if its forward