colour frustration


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this is not a request for information - just a rant to see if other too have experienced this ...

i dont know what is with me and colours - i can never get the colour of guitar i want.

i wanted a natural or honey burst lp - wound up with a red lp studio lite.

wanted a blonde 335 clone - would up with a tobacco burst mij washburn hb35.

wanted a black strat - would up with a 3 tone sunburst mij strat body.

wanted a heritage cherry sg - wound up with a black epi elitist one - which i let go off.

wanted a natural gibson double cut - got the faded red one - also sold on ebay.

wanted a white jazzmaster - now all i can get with my specific weight and time preference is a black jm body at warmoth! warmoth's turn around time for painting a body didn't leave me much choice.

funnily the two guitars where i got the colour i wanted - a black gibson blueshawk, a red gibson hawk - i let go off due to their scale length.
GoDrex said:
I don't get it. :icon_scratch:

Same here. Bought a lot of guitars over the years, nobody has ever held a gun to my head and forced me to buy something I didn't want. Unless the poster lives in Siberia...
Sounds like you're compromising on the color in order to get the features you want.  Reminds me of used car shopping.  :laughing7:
If I go shopping for something specific and they don't have it, I put my money back in my pocket. That means it isn't meant to happen on that day. If I buy something anyway (different color, different brand, different model) I can count on it being a disappointment. DOA, features completely not matching what I expected and what I was promised, my wife finding out about it, whatever. So yeah, been there, done that, learnt from it.