Clarification on long shaft pots


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I have read on the internets that you need long shaft pots for archtops... the thinline...The Fender Telecaster Thinline is a semi-hollow guitar with a body thickness of 1.75 inches. The top of the guitar is 6.35 mm thick.

Question being do you need long shaft with rear mount flat tops?
There are 3 pot shaft lengths commonly available.

There are 1/4" long for mounting on pickguards. Allparts calls them "vintage pots"

Then there are the more common 3/8" long shafts. This is what most pots available are including push/pull pots. These will fit Warmoth rear routed bodies. Sometimes on finished bodies a little cleanup inside the cavity is needed but usually eliminating the washer and/or lock washer will be enough

Then you have 3/4" "long shaft" pots which are used in Les Pauls and such.

I have a carved top soloist and many flat top soloists, all rear routed and I have only ever used the 3/8" length pots.

Hope this helps.
A lot of the information asked about including this is available on the Warmoth site. This is the information from Warmoth regarding the pots they sell.

"These pots have a long thread shaft, and can be used on both rear-routed bodies and pickguards, by simply adjusting the hex nuts on the shaft for correct height."