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I have lurked in this board for some time, but have come across a question which I have not seen as addressed (as yet, anyway).  I hope that I have not missed a thread discussing this, too.  Sorry if I have.

Is anyone aware of whether there is hope/plans for a chambered Jazzmaster body?

The reason for my question is that I have this vision of a guitar project in my head...

It involves a chambered padouk body with a canary neck and flame bubinga fingerboard.  I envision using two Bartolini, P-90 size pickups, but basically using a Tele type volume, tone and switching layout.

My first concern with this project is the weight.  From what I have observed, a non-chambered padouk strat body is coming in at above 5 pounds.  The neck woods would only add to the overal weight.

Does this sound like something that could be built? (Without the extreme expense of a from scratch custom body build?)

Thanks, in advance, for the reponses from all.

Gregg or one of the other Warmoth employees can answer this directly, but my semi-educated guess would be that the likelihood of offering  a hollow chambered Jazzmaster would be pretty slim. They'd have to design it from the current rear-route version, set up presses/CNC programming/etc. for a body style that does not do a lot in the way of volume, and they've been staying at 100+ of capacity as it is now for quite a while.

You could call and make a request to see if they could upcharge you for the padouk in a Jazzmaster body and be on the lookout for some extra light paudouk stock to build the body from; I seem to remember seeing a couple of these in a Strat solid body flavor a while back, one was a five piece body, but the way they laid the graining when they did the base laminate body looked cool.
One thing - take a look at trem and control routes for a Jazzmaster.  You really have a lot of material taken away already.

CB -

I wasn't planning to use any of the "standard" Jazzmaster control, swithcing or bridge routings.  I was either going to rout for a standard strat tremelo bridge (that I would block in a similar fashion to the Clapton model strat), or a kahler or other hard-tail bridge.

Honestly, my inspiration was from a posting on the gallery... There is a custom, left-handed jazzmaster with tele controls



I hope this clarifies my vision (better than my poor writing...)

I have asked the same question having a Jazzmaster rear routed body in my mind, my question and Gregg's reply:

"Any plans of Warmoth to expand the Hollow option to other shapes?

Not at this time. Very seldom requested."

It's easy to order a padouk Jazzmaster body, but doing it hollow they will have to design it first for the CNC machine so I don't think it is an option. Look in the showcase and you'll see that strat bodies are the majority, even if you count all the others together...
Thanks for being inspired by my monster. The custom routing for this guitar wasn't as hard to get done as you might think. Basically I asked for a tele route on a Jazzmaster body which wasn't a problem. The most difficult thing for them was to reposition the control cavity down the body so it would balance the look. As you can see from the pictures, this leaves more wood than normal on a Jazzmaster so weight is definitely a factor. I dont think you are going to get a hollow one so maybe think of something lighter with a padauk top perhaps? I love the piano bridge by the way. Eric was really helpful and patient with me when I dumped this on him and that's what inspires me. Talk to your rep and if possible give him some visuals. I'm sure you can work something out, hope this helps  Willy


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I was about to send a request to Warmoth about the possibilities of a chambered Jazzmaster-body, so this interests me a lot.
I did a chambered Tele and love the resonance, sustain and tone, and of course the lighter weight.

Seriously, I´m ready for this any time! Thats two, dear Warmoth, go go!!  :glasses10:'
Michael1959 said:
Thanks, Willy.  If you don't mind, was there much additional cost for the "custom" routings?

It did cost a bit more, mainly because the standard tele rout program for the CNC machine couldn't reposition the control cavity. It was almost 2 years ago so I can't remember exactly but considering the extra work Warmoth had to do it was very reasonable. I did a fair bit of homework using my computer to see if my layout would work then I asked my rep. The result was that I ended up with a totally unique and individually designed guitar for the price of a stock standard oriental import. Gregg, Eric and the reps are all players and they will get on board with you. If it's do-able they will do it. If not they will make informed and constructive alternative suggestions. Good luck and If you need any more help you have plenty of guys on this forum more than happy to give it to you.........cheers  Willy
Thanks, Willy.  I greatly appreciate your input and experience, as well as the input and experience of the other forum members here.
I just ordered a Tele body for my "'54 Gold Top" build and the upcharge for each custom routing was $45 per route (in this case a Gibson style V-V-T-T control cavity and an LP toggle switch route in the upper body). Spike had to go double-check with the woodshop, so I'd make an educated guess that not all routes are available on all body styles, so you still need to call/email to check availability.
One thing that annoys me is that I can't find a jazzmaster/jag shape Virtual guitar designer anywhere.

Is there one on the net?
Soloshchenko said:
One thing that annoys me is that I can't find a jazzmaster/jag shape Virtual guitar designer anywhere.

Is there one on the net?

I wouldn't class myself as a designer but I could play with some layouts for you as I did for mine, what have you got in mind?      Willy