Carved Top Soloist


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My Carved Top Soloist Came and i wanted to throw some pictures up here, but my attachment size is too big and i have know idea how to change that so until then you can see them at my myspace page.

Swamy Ash w/ AAAAA Quilt Maple Top
Black Accent line
Clear Gloss Finish

Maple w/Ebony
Sharkfin Inlay
Pearloid Binding
Quilt Headstock Veneer

I'll get some pics up here as soon as i get this all figured out!!
You mean this one??
Nice top!

That's sharp; hard to tell from pic; is that finished @ Warmoth in clear gloss, or are you going to finish it, how if that's the case?
Yeah, Warmoth finished it in clear gloss for me.  there was no way i was ever going to try to finish it myself.
Really nice man, I'm digging the sharkfins with the Warmoth peghead shape combinaison.

Looks metal and very versatile. :guitaristgif:
Cane said:
That Black Accent line makes that top pop out at you.
Very nice build (Congrats)
It does, I first thought the body was larger than the actual body until I realized it was that lol