Can Warmoth start a building class or vids on their site?



I think someone at W should get classes started to accomodate all the levels of building .

It would generate even more sales.

It would demystify some of the fears I have. Or  it would help me make better educated decisions on what I could or could not do.

Or maybe have some vids on their site for the most popular / in-demand how-to's

comments please
Vids are a great idea. classes would be hard though. Just having a video on finishing with grain filling, staining, dyeing, and a few different types of finishes and whatnot.

Warmoth does well to keep up with the orders they have, don't think they need to add a finishing video dept., nor do they have the bandwidth.

There are any number of videos available, there are a couple on the site, and you can Google up any number of others. Besides ones devoted strictly to guitar finishing, there are many other videos and websites dedicated to wood working/finishing.

If you go through every thread in the DIY and some other portions of this site, most of the info you need is there, albeit not in video format.

thank you jack,


            here are some examples:



Can't we just get someone over to either Jack's or Willy's house to film them?

I bet you it will make great reality tv too  :icon_biggrin:
Already did. 

Might want to change the comb to your security system....
that is if you want to keep the blue swamp ash j-bass    :evil4:
jackthehack said:

thank you jack . . .

I think I'm falling in love with you !

I'm a book-type person in general - you can carry it around... Dan Erlewine's "Guitar Player Repair Guide" is the first thing everyone should buy, before any tools, parts or maybe even wood. :)o) It's a lot easier to figure out what you need, when you know what you're doing. It covers everything about fretting, adjustments and nuts, and a fair amount about finishing and electronics. If you're going to be playing for the rest of your life it will save you thousands of dollars, even if you end up farming out some work.

If Warmoth started up their own instructional series, they would run the risk of getting blamed when some six-thumbed low-mojo knuckle-dragger ruins a nice body and says, "Well, I did it EXACTLY like Warmoth told me to!" (Better send me a new one....) Kind of like those bodies you see on Ebay - "My stupid router sort of messed up the pickup hole a little, but anyone can fix it real easy" - well, umm, the router was fine just sitting there, junior, up until it got turned on by YOU?!? :guitaristgif:
buy a shit bolt on guitar...take it apart...learn...put it back together...learn

then buy your W stuff and put it together.  :sign13: