Can anyone help me figure out what neck profile this is? With pics included!


Hi guys,

So my contour gauge I ordered arrived today, so I set about measuring the neck profile of my favorite guitar neck, that I'd like to have the specs of for future purchases/builds, especially for Warmoth builds (the builder who built this guitar only does handmade/by feel, so he doesn't know what the measurements are). I took 2 measurements, one at the 2nd fret (not the first because the volute was blocky enough I feared messing up my measurement), and the 12th, then attempted to trace the shapes on a piece of paper, which you can see in the pics below.

I have them listed in the following order: the first 2 are the 2nd fret, with the B and T marking Bass and treble side, and the second 2 are 12th fret but also the same. Above each picture is the actual contour gauge shape, in case (probably) my tracing doesn't do the actual shape justice.

Anyone have insight or thoughts on what the profiles are? I'd say the 12th fret is definitely a D shape, but 2nd seems like it might be still D or perhaps U or C. For both frets, especially the 2nd, I almost can't tell if the shape is actually asymmetrical or not, so perhaps others can give their best guesses.



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Well as you didn't supply measurements, If your college rule paper is the same as mine, it is suggesting 1 3/4" depth. Lets take away a 1/4 or so for fretboard, thats still 1 1/2 thick. Needless to say, not aware of anything that big LOL.

Can you get an actual measurement?
Doodling is fun, but data matters.
PS: That is a D or U shape.

If I had to go on what is supplied so far, 59RB or a Fatback depending on true measured thickness.

In W terms, its not a Boatneck, its not a Clapton, its not a std thin and its not a Wizard.
It doesn't appear to the asymmetric except for the tolerances of the contour gauge and the tracing.
I say this as 1 pic shows more taper on the treble e side, the other more on the bass E side. That suggests we are exceeding measurement tolerances/usage of the gauge as it was used.

Thanks! I should have clarified I was only asking in terms of shape, because I also used calipers to measure the thickness, and it’s thick…1st fret is roughly .895”, while 12th is .915”.
It's hard for me to see the drawings they need to be darker. But it looks like there is no shoulder on either side  that is a straight line on both sides so not a C and slightly asymmetrical on the treble side which might say it is closer to a SRV shape but your neck is slightly bigger. But if your neck is hand carved it could be asymmetrical by accident rather than on purpose. good luck.