Bulk String Websites for really cheap??

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So last night I was at a party at a friends place. My friend Phil is a great guitar player, been playing for most of his life, was showing me an original 64 Fender his dad gave to him when I broke his high E. I was really bummed cuz I felt bad, especially since I was a little "under the weather." Anyway he shook it off like it was nothing and pulled out a long plastic thing that was full of Ernie Ball string sets. He said he has been able to find websites that offer bulk sets, around 30 sets for $30. Did I hear this right or was me being a little off effecting what i heard?  I have been searching all over the internet, but so far no luck. Nothing but 12 sets for about $40 or so.
If there were such a place, it would be hot topic #1 on all the guitar forums.

The normal price at MF is $40 for ten sets of daddarios. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/DAddario-EXL110-Nickel-Regular-Light-Electric-Guitar-Strings?sku=100191

OR, you can get them for $2.50 a set:

No big secret.
I buy the D'Addario shop packs, 25 sets.  I do this so I always have some available, I change strings fairly often.  At around $99, I think I probably save about 4 pennies per set.  Sometimes they have these bulk sets on sale for more like $75.  That is about the best deal I have found on them.  Like I said though, I buy them like this less for the savings, and more so that I can save a trip to the store.  If you get a line on a better deal though, I will be all over it!!!


I've deal with stringitup.com, used to have the best prices, but they've crept up (on factory sets that is).

Stringdeals.com I "think" is going out of biz - part of guitar-heaven, but for now seems to be goin' ok, Lisa there has always ALWAYS been good to me, and if they go out of biz, I'm gonna miss them, as they've been my #1 supplier of strings - 30 to 40 sets at a time, Fender 150R's.

I know the owner of a famous (and 2nd largest.. hint hint) musical instrument distribution Kompany / guitar manufacturer, and he uses webstrings for his own!~
I can get 12 sets of Daddario XL's for around 40 bucks anyways at a store... Those things are super cheap. I looked into webstrings but at the shipping they charge to ship to Taiwan it isn't cost effective unless I buy enough strings to last 10 active bands for the rest of their lives. I use Daddario XL because they're cheap and lasts a long time.
I've been happy with www.juststrings.com.  They ship to Canada, and they have DR's.  That's all I want  :laughing7: