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Unless the old lady actually CHECKS your eBay listings.....
er, wow.  I'm glad my relationship with my wife is such that I'll never have to do that.
Whoa. He doesn't seem like the catch of a lifetime either to do something like that...
Hah, someone bid on the bass.  (That was an observation, not a command)
bummer man...  :sad1: but ha! did you guys read the "questions" people asked him at the bottom of the Ducati's page? guess other people have pulled the same thing  :laughing7:
That's only a $50 monthly payment for the next, um... 8333 years.  Pay it off in 100,000 easy payments! 

When I enter my artwork in gallery competitions, I usually don't want to sell it, so I list it really high.  That way if someone does want to buy it, I can take the huge wad of cash and just paint another one for myself and be excited that someone was willing to fork over a couple grand for my work.