Bridge push/pull selection


Hi, I'm on my first warmoth stratocaster build.  Im using all Seymour Duncan pickups.  I have single coils in the neck/middle and a humbucker in the bridge.  Im not sure what wiring schematic I should use from Seymour Duncans site if I want to use a push/pull pot to select the bridge pickup so I can use it in any combination.  Im thinking it is this one: but I am not sure.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
That's for coil tapping your bridge HB.
You need to wire it up normally, then add a path from the bridge pup connector lug on your pup selector switch to the middle lugof the push-pull switch, then another wire from the next lug above it directly to the volume 'hot' lug. This allows current to flow directly from the HB, through the 5-way switch lug, then through the push-pull switch (when activated), to the vol control. Hope that makes sense, I think there's a schematic somewhere at:
tfarny is indeed correct as usual. the red and white wires get "safed off", or taped to prevent contact with anything.

the push/push switch will just turn on that pup all the time reguardless of switch setting, I have that exact setup, and it works well. the bridge humbucker and the neck pup together sound great. And with the switch in the 2nd position, all pups are ON

You may proceed.....