Boss GT10 output level... can anyone help??


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Does anyone know how to set the output level for an individual patch on the boss gt10? I'm trying to record but when I switch from distortion to a clean sound, the clean sound is far to low.
any ideas??
There's a big "patch level" knob on my GT-8, which is helpful - apparently it's gone now. I'd try, well... reading the manual?
Press your display mode button until the display shows 4 individual knobs (controlled by your 4 parameter knobs underneath). THey should basically read Low, Mid, High, and Patch Level.
Adjust the patch level and write it to your patch.  Its the overall volume of  your patch rather than any of the individual effects volumes.

I 2nd reading the manual.  I know its big but there's a lot of things that it does that you probably dont even know it can do. and most of the time I"ve found, you're trying to make it do something, but it wont because Its' doing one of those things you didn't realize it could do already and you have no idea how to shut it off.

read the manual.