Body Here!


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Got here today, looks totally awesome, first warmoth piece so it totally blew me away. Poplar soloist with recessed TOM bridge and arched string-thru. HB at the bridge and P90 at the neck with Volume, tone 1 and 5 way switch rout. here it is. Awesome figuring!

Looks pretty cool, and welcome aboard. That's kinda an odd combo of pup's, a hum and a P90... :dontknow:
DangerousR6 said:
Looks pretty cool, and welcome aboard. That's kinda an odd combo of pup's, a hum and a P90... :dontknow:

Not at all, since Gibson launched the BFG you've been seeing a lot more of that and a number of builds here
Exactly!, its based off of the BFG.

As for finishing, I was going to stain it with A dark red stain, then maybe spray some a satin clear for protection. Orrr I might spray it white, and have my friend, who is an incredible tattoo artist, go crazy on it. If I go with the second, what should he use to go over the white. He thought just a sharpie would be ok, but I have no idea.
If you use a Sharpie, you want to be careful what you clear coat it with afterwards. If you're not careful, you could end up with the Sharpie running when the clear hits it. Do some test samples first.
Thanks, this may seem dumb, but can I stain it and if it doesnt work out can I spray over it, as long as I have oil/cleared over it. Just like sand the body again and spray.

Anyways, as for ideas for him he was thinking about an octopus, which would be kind of cool, the drawings hes made have it with its legs wrapped around various pieces of hardware. And another that I really like is anatomical diagrams, I think that would be awesome. Things like arteries/veins and other things.
any pictures of the tattoo guitar? it sounds too awesome to miss out on, i'd love to see pics!
Nahh I didnt go that route, plus this build is all sorts of stalled until I can get some money. Who knows if it will get done.