Blackguard Tele


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Here is a Blackguard Tele I'm doing right now.  This will age and yellow to a nice Buterscotch Blond as the UV hits the lacquer and oranges it up.  I prefer doing it this way instead of tinting the lacquer to match an aged guitar since they wind up looking more like the guitars in Nacho Banos'  book "The Blackguard".

Here is the body filled,  sealed, level sanded and ready to put the white undercoat color on.


Old time painters called this "pickling".  I use 1 1/2 part lacquer thinner, 1/2 part lacquer retarder, 1 or 2 oz of oil base enamel undercoater mixed real well, and add 1 part production lacquer.  The lacquer is the honey color stuff not water white.


Here it is shaded and ready for clear coats.  At this point it tends to look more like a Mary Kaye finish but it will yellow real nice in the future.

Me too, Can't wait to see the finnished product.

The stick that you have screwed into the neck pocket,  I was thinking of routing a bigger "stick" with one end like the heel of a neck. so that it would fill the neck pocket, and prevent getting paint into the neck pocket.  Also, rather than create new screw holes in the body, I would use the 4 holes in the pocket that are already there, so what if the backside has a couple bare spots from the bolts or screws, It will be covered by a plate or washers anyway.

I bet warmoth could make some special neck pocket sticks real easy, and sell them pretty cheap..Hint Hint......

Dude - Don't even think about distracting them from building more NECKS, dammit!!!!! Go to home depot and grab some free paint stirring sticks and drill a couple of holes in them, works just fine and they're free....
Here it is with 2 coats of clear and a level sand.  It is so hard to not start trying to put them together at this point to see how they look, you all know what I'm talking about!  The neck is laying on the spray stick,  I have popped some finish off in the past by pushing a neck into the pocket before it is ready to bolt together so I stopped doing that.


Here is a nice shot down the neck to show the great quarter sawn flame maple.


i have also chipped the paint on the neck pocket test fitting the neck it was on a black soloist and man it was devistating it was the best all black paint job ive done
this project is comming along nicely keep us posted thanks kayle