Birchwood casey Sealer & Filler


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I have a bottle of BC sealer & filler that I wanted to use on my Swamp Ash Warmoth body, but vaguely remembered that somebody on the (old) forum had a bad experience with it.  Let me know if anybody used this before! do I need to use anything else to get a smooth surface?
Personally thats for fine grained woods - walnut, gunstock wood.

You want the most excellent Behlen (or Stewart McDonald) water based grain filler, which can be had in colors to enhance the pore look.
And.... BTW, get the Behlen stuff from Woodcraft.  StewMac has reduced its size to a PINT for more than Woodcraft sells a QUART for.  I mean they do rebadge the stuff, but its Behlen's product and well... profit is one thing, but thats a bit much (in my book at least).
Thanks for the advive CB!
So if I use the Behlen Filler, do I still need a sealer before I apply the stain? or do I stain first and then apply filler?
Since Behlen is Water based, would that work well with an Oil based stain and an Oil based finish?
I also saw that ReRanch has an oil based filler.. would that be a good alternative?
thanks again!
Behlen sealer is water based in that it cleans up with water.  Once its dry... its like a rock.

If you're using an oil based stain, there should be no problem over grain filler of water or oil base.  I'd not "sanding seal" the wood before staining, as that will prohibit the stain from entering the wood.  Grain filler is to level the surface, the deep pores fill in, but you sand it back so there is still much exposed wood to accept the stain.

Oil based fillers work well too.. but take a long time to dry.  Water base takes 2-4 hours.  Oil... 2-4 days.  I see no advantage to oil based filler, as the water based filler is compatible with everything from pure tung oil to nitro lacquer