Bigsby on a Musiclander?


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Can it be done?  :icon_scratch:

Just from looking at pictures, I'm guessing probably not as it looks like the cutout at the bottom of the body doesn't leave enough space behind the bridge.
I have never seen it done either. You probably have the reason why already mentioned I am also guessing.
Could it be done? Not sure. I have seen Bigsbys on Flying Vs using the Vibramate adapter for a TOM setup. Was butt ugly hanging over that V portion.
Just spitballing from the builder - but I think you can prossibly FIT a B5 or other stop-tailpiece Bigsby, but definitely NOT a B7 style (endpin/archtop style). The B5 does look like it needs some flat after the stop tailpiece studs, and the Musiclander has a couple inches - it looks like there's about as much room between the bridge and tailpiece as between the tailpiece and end of the body.  I wouldn't give up without asking - maybe over a TDPRI or some other forum.
I think it maybe depends on how close a B5 could be placed to the bridge before either the break angle was too steep or the strings hit the back of the bridge.

If using the standard TOM/STP position with a Vibramate, I'm pretty sure it would hang over the end of the body, as it comes quite close to the end on a Tele and the Musiclander looks like it has quite a bit less space than a Tele.

So probably this idea is a non-starter...
You might consider a Les Trem, which apparently has a similar feel to a Bigsby, and should mount up on the regular TOM/Stop studs.