Bigsby for an L5S?


Hello, I'm new around here, and looking to start a Warmoth project.

I would really like to make a "Gretsch White Falcon"-ish guitar, so I'm going for the L5S body with two F holes.

I would really like a bigsby on it, because I've gotten so used to having a tremolo on my PRS (of which I use more like a bigsby anyway), which leads me to my question(s):

What kind of bridge should I get? My guess would be some kind of rolling bridge? or would Tune-O-Matic be ok too?

Also, what kind of bigsby should I get that would fit the L5S body?

Also, I'm looking for gold hardware too. Any help would be appreciated.

- Corey
Go to the Bigsby website; I'd go a B7G (ES335 model, B6G for White Falcon is similar, but body depth of L5S is closer to ES335 than the Gretch)... I think I've read that Warmoth doesn't do the Bigsby setup, so you would need to order the L5S with TOM bridge stud holes ONLY drilled and do the Bisby mounting yourself.

Just order the TOM bridge in gold from Warmoth, they are separate from the regular stop tailpiece rather than being a set anyway...
Actually... I'd not use the Gotoh T-O-M, but the excellent Schaller Roller Bridge instead.

You'll have to make your own bushing holes, but its no big deal.  Make sure they put the tilt angle on the neck pocket.

B7s can be sort of adjusted for tilt... to make the string break angle work.  You shim the two front screws, something you cannot do on a B5.  It works on the B7, because its hinged.

Make sure you get the USA B7, as the import uses a longer hinge piece that will not fit on some thickness of guitar bodies.!~ (it has the longer 2-1/4 inch body fitting on it)... while the USA one will fit 1-5/8 bodies (just barely).

hey corey, a bit off the bridge topic, but just wondering if you're gonna get Warmoth to do the f holes for you, or whether your gonna do them urself? Because if you compare the Gretsch F holes, with the warmoth ones, they're both very different in apperance.

Use a roller bridge, definitely.  I've been down that road.  I think the B5 model Bigsby would work well, since the L5S is a flat top.
Quick detail:  If you're going the hollow L5S option, be sure to request the rear cavity be left solid.  (That's the rear cavity, not the rear rout...)  I suspect you'll need more solid wood to mount the Bigsby.