beautiful new pickups


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hey guys, just thought i'd ket yas know on my new pups.
HSP-HB-90's from vintage vibe guitars.
scatterwound, ceramic magnets, 14.6k bridge, 9.4k neck. white and black zebra covers. costs $5 extra is you want custom wiring/winding. pete has amazing customer service.
they are humbuckers wired as p-90s, and they absolutely smoke.
they sizzle like nothing else, leave my duncan JB and 59 in the dust. installed in a cheap epiphone g-400, turned a nice looking but poor sounding guitar into a beast. blues through havey rock. and for $200 australian imported from the US, costs the same as a single duncan custom (which i was gonna get for the bridge).

anyone else used VVG pickups before?
awsome. i like the abalone bobins on the humbuckers. maybe my next project(after the tele). if only i could decide between a flying V and a VW body.
After reading about VVG on this forum I have decided to order a pair of their zebra humbuckers. The service is great so far, Pete from VVG emailed me back once I had placed the order to ask what type of music I played and what tone I was looking for so he can custom wind the pickups to my requirements - I asked for them to be "hot". I had an email back within 48 hours of my order to say they had been despatched..

The prices are great - with shipping the costs works out to about £81 (UK pounds stirling) - I will probably get hit for customs duty & tax once they get to the UK but what the hell - this really is a custom service.

I will post progress once the pickups - and my Warmoth all mahogany tele body & neck - have arrived from the USA.
all the best dude, hopefully yours will rock as hard as mine do. how awesome is petes customer service!! can't say enough good things about VVG
hey llama, i've actually had a good look at petes pickups again, and decided that i also want those zebra buckers, wound to modern specs. is that what you meant when you said you wanted them wound hot? either way let me know how they sound, if they're good, they'll be making an appearance on my first W build  :headbang1:
Hi rightintheface,

I ordered the H540-43-SW set with modern sound spec but when Pete emailed to ask what kind of tone I was after I asked for the pickups to be wound a bid hotter than his standard hot !!! I am having the bridge 15% hotter than the neck and the Alnico magnets fitted, Pete supplies you with a set of ceramic magnets as well and they are interchangable.

It will be a few weeks before I get all the new guitar parts delivered to the UK but once I have finished I will post my opinions of the sounds.
My Vintage Vibe Humuckers arrived just before Christmas. I now also have my Warmoth telecaster body & neck, both in mahogany plus all the hardware. It's now completed.

These pickups sound amazing - I asked for them to be wound hotter than standard and they are !!! Played clean the guitar has a deep jazzy bluesy tone which breaks up slightly when you pick hard, these will easily overdrive the clean channel if played hard.

With a bit of overdrive on channel 2 we are into devil's music territory - think Tony Iommi. Super duper heavy metal - and from a telecaster ! They give a creamy sustaining heavy humbucker overdrive. Just what I was looking for - I have a few Fendery sounding type guitars and I wanted to build something this time that sounded completely different. Of course it still had to look like a telecaster as I just love the shape. 

The sounds here are so deep grindy grungy that we have called this Warmoth, "Satan's Telecaster" - "Hell, there ain't no twang in this thang"
Thanks for this post!
I was bored in searching that BBQ/texas from RioGrande (it takes about a month or more to receive and $250!)
so i just ordered my set of custom wound humbucker pickups in zebra for $165 included shipping and a set of ceramic magnets to swap!
Also found enthusiastic reviews from owners.
As you said, Pete has amazing customer service.