Basslines Vintage Stacks - 180 degrees reversed


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ok, so I'm at the final stage of finishing my Jazz Bass project (my first build).
I had to install the pickups as shown in the pic because the cables came out on the "wrong" side. usually, I saw these installed the other way around.
Now, does that make any difference besides the look?
thanks for your input. pickups are a set of Basslines Classic for Jazz Bass® STK-J1.


As long as the pole pieces are not staggered, it will not have any affect on anything.
All the magnets are the same, so it doesn't matter which magnets are on which string

Why are the covers on upside down though?
Super Turbo Deluxe Custom said:
because they're installed 180 degrees from standard.

Yes, but why are the covers on backwards?
If you have to install a pickup backwards, why not flip the cover so that it will still be oriented correctly...
Super Turbo Deluxe Custom said:
Do the covers remove on those?

Ahh... :doh:  I expected these to be standard Jazz pickups, but maybe they are epoxy potted.
I will try to remove the PU-covers and reverse them - this will fix the look. However, the whole thing seems strange to me - I don't think Seymour Duncan
makes special "lefthanded" pickups.
Did you buy the pickups new or used?
My best guess is that someone simply flipped the covers for their lefty bass and just left them that way when they sold them.
Hmm. That's interesting that they would be backwards like that.

Well, see if the covers are removable. If they are, simply flip them around.
If the pickups are epoxy potted, DON'T try to remove them because that would damage the pickup.
The covers on the STK-J1's should be removable. In fact, it looks like the pickups are starting to back out of the covers in your picture, because the polepieces should be potruding more than that. Do you have a piece of foam under each pickup?