Bass strings: Tapewound, Flatwound, or Tape Flatwound?


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I've been playing bass more recently and have traditionally used Rotosound Swing sets, but I've had a number of customer basses roll through that have various flatwounds, tapewounds, and I have a 6 string Ibanez BTB that has La Bella 750-N Black Nylon Tapewounds on it, and I absolutely love the feel.

I've not been a cork sniffer when it comes to bass strings, but from a comfort perspective, I am finding that I am definitely developing a "lean" towards these as I prefer to play with my fingers rather than a pick, and since I don't play bass as frequently as guitar, the left hand fingers also benefit from the smoothness. I haven't done a recording test with it yet, but I am wondering what are some folks preferences?
I prefer to have both, to have a broader palette of sounds, and it also depends on the bass.

My T-Bird loves roundwounds better, and I used to get a fabulous Motown-ish tone with my P-Bass and flats. If I have to choose juste one, I would choose rounds as it is easier to tame down the highs than to do the opposite.

For rounds, I tend to prefer Nckel plated strings, they feel and sound a little smoother.
For any modern sound, it’s SS Rotos.  Otherwise for that dead thump, taped flats.  99% of my gigs since COVID have been bass (been basically weekly).
It’s all been my ABG or my Ric 4003 with SS Rotos
I initially liked tapes but now I'd rather have rounds or flats. Tape has a plasticky attack and you lose the benefits of string ground.
I've always loved me some flatwounds.  For 34" scale my go-to's are the DR Legend FL-45.  For 30" scale my favorites (so far) are the LaBella 760F-MUS Stainless Steel, designed for thru body applications.