Bass 6 Wiring and Pots ?


I’m putting together a Warmoth Bass 6 build. Ordered the body, neck and pick guard from Warmoth last week. Have a bit of time before it all arrives. But trying to decide how I’m going to wire it.

I’m going to get 3 single coil Jaguar style pickups. Most likely these:

Leaning towards a Free Way 5 way (10 position) switch.

Here’s where I need some opinions.

Vol Pot?  500k? Squire VI’s use a 1 meg pot. Seems too high. I did email my contact at Creamery to see what value pot is recommended for that pickup set. Have not heard back yet.

Instead of a normal tone pot, I’d like to use a PTB circuit. They normally use a 250k vol pot. Do I need to change anything else if I switch the vol pot to 500k?

.022 uf on 500k pot for Treble cut

.0022 uf on 1 Meg reverse pot for bass cut.

I found this diagram for PTB jazzmaster which had different values.

Any thoughts?

I'd write to Alistair at Freeway and tell them what you want and ask them if they have any wiring diagrams, especially in terms of the ptb, they'll tell  you if it's doable. In terms of pots, do what the Creamery tells you.

PS If you do get a diagram from Freeway, please post.
Thanks, excellent advice.  I was thinking the PTB can take the place of any normal one knob tone pot. But, I will reach out to Freeway and see if they can confirm that.