bartolini pickups


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Has anyone had any experience with bartolini pickups?  The distortion model in particular.  $105 seems like a lot of cash to lay down for a pickup but if they sound really good I don't mind.  Any info appreciated guys!
I can't speak to that particular model in them, but I have owned two Tobias basses with Bart pickups and preamps in them and both have been great. 105 doesn't seem like that much when I look around at other pickups like fralin and nordstrand.
My buddy bought VanZants for the Warmoth that i just built for him, about $70 each.  Very awesome pickups, as good or better than anything out there. I checked the resistance reading, 6.82,  so i am gonna spin my own at that and see if they sound the same.

You can spin up your own pups for about $10-15 bucks each, but thers a learning and quality curv, so be ware..
I also haven't tried Bartolini guitar pickups, but I have them in my 8string Warr guitar, and they are fantastic pickups.  You can get about any sound you'd like out of them.  Very versatile in my opinion.  I was thinking of getting some of their models for guitar when I do my build.