Baritone 7 string


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Should'nt all guitars tuned in B have the baritone scale length? My friends and I have 7 strings with the normal scale length like a six string and the low B is super floppy, also even with the saddle on the low B all the way at it max long scale length the string is still not intonated right cause it seems you can't get the scale length long enough. So why aren't all 7 strings baritone length? How is a baritone 7 string tuned anyway? :icon_scratch:
If your B string is too floppy, use a higher-gauge string so you tighten it more for the same pitch. If it is tighter, that will make it less floppy.
My understanding of a baritone 7 is that the first 6 string would be standard baritone, BEADF#b. So maybe the low 6 string is another fourth lower, at f#.....? That puts it at just one whole step above a bass's low e. Weird.