Archtop output jack wiring trouble


There is a bad connection on my gibson es-175, and from what I understand I have to soldier the output jack again. It's working more often than not, but I need to be 100% certain that it works.

There's no luthier/tech guy in the area, so I'll have to do it by myself with some help from a friend with a soldiering iron.

Should I replace the output jack? Well, I can't get one in time, that's for sure. Will it work if I just solder it again?

NOW, the main problem. There is a box around the jack plug on the inside, and it's too big to come through the f-hole. How do I open it? What can I do? I guess I could remove the bridge pickup, but I'm pretty sure that makes the job a lot worse. I've attached a pic for some description...


any ideas/suggestions welcome.

It's gotta come out through the bridge pickup hole.  You may have to remove the entire harness (all pots and switches) to have enough slack in the the wires to work on it.

BTW, Why won't you get a new output jack in time?  DigiKey delivers over night no matter where you are.
lol @the pic ;)

mayfly, I did remove the pickup just to find out that the lead was not long enough. should i label each pot so I know which, or is that easy to see from the wiring? Well, I live in Qatar, and even though the apartment is nice, i very much doubt it has an address. not that it would help much as nobody would find it.