anyone know Pat Travers effects ? please tell me !



I'm going "crazy" trying to find out what effects pedals Pat has used live and in the studio.

I'm NOT needing to know the rest of his rig , btw.

any knowledge shared would be very,very appreciated ! ! !

thanx in advance

He was a BIG user of the first ADA Flangers that came out way back when. I was able to copy his sounds pretty good with the old gray MXR flangers that came out later. Haven't seen one in many moons.
He was opening for another band I was taking some pictures for when he was touring in support of the "Heat in the Streets" album in Germany back in '79 or '80; all he had was a wah pedal, a boost/overdrive and the flanger running into a Marshall. He apparently has a much more elaborate setup now:

I don't have any slides I took digitized from him, he got all freaked out because I took a picture of him backstage and he apparently really didn't want anybody to know that without a pair of glasses an inch thick he was blind as a bat, so I made his mgr. give me a C-note for that roll of film. Here's one of of Pat Thrall (2nd guitarist) at the same show:

thanx guys ! ! !

ADA Flanger is EXACTLY what I was looking for ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I immediately tried ebay to do an instant score. only 1 available .

and then I remembered I own a line6 xt live . . . and low and behold it has a modeled ADA Flanger !


got an instant 4 hour woodie

mucho thanx again


Nothing beats the original ADA Flanger.

I had one many years ago when I was endorsed by them, also had the TFX4 & the Flange in it was pretty good too.

They're making a comback, they'll be introducing some re-issues and some new products at Namm '09.

If memory serves me right, in his 1980 Guitar Player interview he also mentioned that he was using an MXR Phase 100 along with the ADA.  Anyone got that issue lying around anywhere so we can check?  :icon_scratch:
I recently saw him play live at the PRS Experience 2008.
PRS was plugging their new line of amps.

Pat said that, presently, he is using one of those VOX multi effects monster pedals and could run it into the effects return of just about anything.
I saw his se tup and sure enough it was a large silver box with one Wah looking pedal on it.