Anyone here worked with enamel paint? Got a few questions


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Okay, I'm doing some experimenting. I've got a couple of coats of spray can rustoleum enamel on a solid body. There's some orange peel and some flecks that need to be wet-sanded back. This is a high gloss enamel. (and the surface underneath is glass smooth).

So, first question, can you sand it fine enough to make it glossy again? To you have to compound it? Or is it not possible?

Second question: I'm gonna put a coat (or maybe a bunch of coats) of clear enamel over it when done. If I can't bring the 'gloss' back to the color coat, will this bring it back? If so, will it match those parts which didn't get sanded and are still glossy?

I was thinking on starting with 1000 or 1200 grit, I can go as high as 3000 currently.

Thanks for your time.