Anyone here have/play an all pau ferro neck?

Bill in SC

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Just looking for conversation on assets of this neck wood. I have one on my Thinline Tele, and I must say it is the best feeling/playing neck I have ever experienced! The grain is extremely tight. The the neck is as smooth as a polished stone. With NO finish, it is wicked fast and very visually appealing. I would encourage anyone here to try one of these absolutely splendid necks.  I haven't seen one on the site Warmoth lately, but I'm sure they can make one upon request. I really wish everyone here could play this particular guitar. Fantastic!
BB in SC
Hey, Bill,  I have a Pau Ferro fretboard on my Warmoth strat, and I concur that it is fabulous!  I was considering an all Pau Ferro neck for My next build, but I wasn't sure, thanks for the thumbs up! 
Here is the guitar that it is on. It is a Warmoth mahogany '72 thinline with the Rio Grande 'Big Bottom' set of humbuckers.

Here is the headstock of the neck, photographed before I installed the string tree.


I really can't describe the tone as that issue so subjective. I will say that the pau ferro neck on the mahogany seems to be well balanced in tone. The tone is well rounded and articulate. Really, the Rio Grandes are kinda hot, and probably too powerful for the type blues I play. That's why I am going with Gibson PAF humbuckers in my current build, but I digress...
Nathan: I PROMISE you will be amazed!
BB in SC

I have a Pau Ferro neck.  And yeah, Guitlouie, I'd really recommend it.  It feels so smooth.
The neck is fitted to a one piece Flamed Koa body.
Being a fan of Reb Beach, of course, I've gone for EMGs and a Floyd Rose.
Headstock's autographed by him too :)
Had the guitar for over a year -- Need to send some pictures for the Gallery.
Next project's gonna be, Nuno.  Using Padouk.
  Good eye indeed, Willy. Actually I made a mistake and ordered the lefty tuners. However, I bonded with them so well, that I ordered more lefties for my padouk/eboby neck on my second build. Now, they seem so natural for me. BTW: I also love my padouk neck, but the grain is NOT nearly as tight as on the pau ferro. I will try and post macro photos later today of both the woods. The pau ferro is a smooth and hard, much like maple, but with the warm chocolate color. The padouk is more open grained, and similar in texture to mahogany.
  While we are dropping names, for whatever it is worth, local guy, American Idol contestant Bucky Covington and some of his band members played this pau ferro necked guitar and they were blown away with it. One guy indicated that he may let me make him one.

Bill in SC
I have a solid pau ferro neck with an ebony board on a Strat Custom I haven't posted pics in the gallery of yet; looks great, sounds great - lots of sustain - and is faster than hell. The only caveat I'd offer is that I don't know if it is the particular billet of pau ferro my neck was made from, but it's noticibly heavier than any other neck I've ever used on a build before. Not an issue on a quilt/korina body, but if the weight's typical it might feel unbalanced on a super lightweight body like a Thinline, how did your's balance out?
My guitar is a TAD neck heavy, but fortunately, not unbearable or uncomfortable. My guitar body weighs 3 pounds, 4 ounces. (Naked) I figure that a 3 pound 12 ounce body would compensate for the pau ferro neck weight much better. Pau ferro is very dense, and thus would be heavier than some other neck woods. The Planet Waves tuners are also heavier than many tuners. The weight issue is a very good point, Jack!  There should be a chart/formula posted on the site to gauge balance according to overall neck and body weight. This is a very important element in the end results.
Bill in SC
BTW: I compensate for the "tad" of neck heaviness with a wider strap, with the suede side on my shoulder. The suede side down creates more friction, and aids the guitar in staying parallel.  I make my own straps so I am flexible with my widths and materials I use. I first thought that I would also add a 4 ounce counter weight in the guitar body, but after playing it a while, it really isn't that bad. Once again, GREAT point about the weight issue, Jack.