Anyone have an Apricot Sparkle/Flake Warmoth guitar?



Any type...guitar or bass. The pics at their site just don't tell me enough. There are three currently in the Showcase section (three Strats), but they're a bit different from one another and look oddly muted (probably just the flash and shooting angle...sparkles might not pick up well on straight-ahead pics).

Anyway, if anyone has an Apricot sparkle/flake, I'd love to see a pic(s) of it. Or, at the very least, can you give me a usable description of the color? I know it's not red. The pic at Warmoth's paint section give it a slightly orange-ish, peachy tone (at least compared to the red), but it's still hard to tell.

This might be the color I ultimately go with (over Desert Sunset), but I'm hoping it's "orange" enough. Is it?

Those of you in the know, who've seen one (Warmoth employee?), is there a common, "real life" object or product that you could compare the color to that would give me a definite idea?

Ideally, a few well-lit pics from various angles would be best, but good verbal description/comparison is good too.

That video at the above link looks like it might be in the neighborhood of the color I'm wanting, but, again, it's hard to know for sure.

Sure if this is a stupid question (it won't be my last)...  :icon_tongue:
Think the color you're looking for, based on your photoshop on another thread, is the Tangelo Flake from this webpage; don't think the Apricot Flake will fufill your vision, it's too dark even if photographed better:

Per the website, Warmoth isn't doing custom colors, so just DIY, it's fun and will keep you off the street corners out of trouble, and you can build up those arm muscles sanding it back until you get it right...

1.) Start with a body wood that doesn't require a lot of grain filling/leveling to make life eaasier, alder is a good choice for a Tele/Esquire anyway.
2.) Shoot about 4 coats of sanding sealer and sand back down level with #400 sandpaper
3.) Shoot body with suitable primer, I'd use what they offer on that site
4.) Shoot number of coats of the Tangelo Flake to suit the look
5.) Shoot another 7-8 coats of nitro on top of the flake
6.) Sand lacquer top coats back to #800/#1000, and polish/rub out
Cool, thanks! But I'm not looking to get into the finishing experience, and even less patience. I leave things like this to people who actually have a clue what they're doing...I don't need to be screwing up bodies, trying to half-ass my way through something like this that actually requires some skill and experience. I'm happy to assemble and wire the thing (done that stuff before), but I want no part of painting, sanding, etc. I'll find something else to keep me off street corners at night.


The mockup is definitely open to change. That's why I was asking about the apricot sparkle, because I think I might like the darker look and larger flakes.

I'm cool on anything in that tangerine, burnt orange, copper and apricot(?) range. In fact, with white binding and white pearl pickguard, a darker body might look nicer. I'm not dead set on a particular color, but rather a family/range...I'll know it when I see it.

Thanks for the tangelo link and finishing info (I've saved both to my Mac for future reference/assistance), but the original question still stands!   :icon_smile:

Any apricot sparkle pics or description by anyone with one (or who has seen one)?

I know Warmoth isn't doing custom color matching on a regular, announced basis...but I do indeed run across some unadvertised colors in their Showcase section a good bit...that nice Desert Sunset certainly looks good to me too.

I've seen it more than a few times, so it must be something they keep around and could do, even if it's not listed in their standard paint section, under the metallic, candy or flake headings? Same with a Champagne Sparkle currently in the Showcase on a hollow Strat...that's not listed anywhere on Warmoth's site, but there it is.

I figure they experiment and play around sometimes with some different colors, and then sell them at the Showcase? I don't know...

I like those flakes at that site you liked, but, truthfully, I like the plain orange flake to the right of the tangelo. It's a bit darker and richer.
You will want to use urethanes for flakes/stuff because lacquer will shrink indefinitely and if you thought you got it flat today the roughness will show up 2 months later...

Or at least a sealer that doesn't shrink (has anyone tried shellac? I heard they stop shrinking after a few days)
I'm not doing my own finishing work.

I'm only seeking pics - or verbal descriptions - about Apricot Flake in this thread. I have no interest or experience in guitar finishing, so while I appreciate the tips and advice - it's good stuff - it's ultimately wasted on me; Warmoth will be doing the finish. I'm only trying to get better info on a specific Warmoth color here. That's all.

Apricot Sparkle from Warmoth...if you have this particular finish on your Warmoth guitar or bass, would you please provide a few snapshots at your convenience, perhaps one at an angle to best show off the flakes/sparkle size and reflection? If you don't have a camera, could you describe it for me in some useful terms to help me in my decision?

My choices are down to Desert Sunset and possibly - if I can get some good, helpful info on it - Apricot Flake. I just want to be sure in my decision, but the few pics at Warmoth's site don't nail it for me. I'm hoping someone here can help; I'd be so grateful.
Call/email Warmoth; if they won't do the custom color, you can probably find someone that will do it for you, I only see "Tenn." listed as your location, but I'm sure you could find someone in Nashville/Memphis to do the custom finish if Warmoth can't.... Like I mentioned in the other thread, you could probablyt find someone that does custom car/motorcycle pinstriping to do that piece for you; they could do the metalflake as well..
Apricot Flake...focus!!! LOL.

I'm fine with Warmoth's work/colors. I'm simply...I can't believe I'm saying this again...I swear, I'm in some sort of warp...testing, is this thing on?!?  :icon_tongue:

...I'm only trying to find out about Apricot Flake from Warmoth. That's it. Nothing else. Can you help me? If not, that's totally cool, no problem! But I don't know how much simpler and clearer I can convey my wishes here.

I keep getting answers to questions I'm not asking, and it's making me want to jump out a window (but I'm on the first floor, so don't worry).


I'm asking about this one color. It's not "custom"'s listed right there on their paint page, but in some pics it looks quite red. In others (from the Showcase), more orange-y. It looks vibrant in one, and more muted and muddy in another. I don't know which to believe. I'd love to know a bit more about it before committing. Some colors and textures simply don't photograph well (or they look too close to other colors to make a firm decision). That's why I'm seeking other pics or descriptions to help out.

I'm thinking there's a good chance I might really dig Apricot Flake if it looks like what I think it does, the image I have in my mind, based on a few photos and the name.

That's it. That's all I want to learn about. Apricot Flake. Forget any previous mockups you've seen by me. I'm not interested in pursuing - or paying - Nashville or Memphis painters or pinstripers. WARMOTH IS DOING THE FINISH...I'M 105% COOL WITH THAT. I'm just trying to get...I can't even finish this sentence...where's that this point I think I could steal a water cooler from CIA headquarters cafeteria easier than I could get the answer to this question! [cue "Mission Impossible" theme]...