Anyone ever dislocate a playing finger?


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I apologize, this has nothing to do with building Cool-Ass Warmoth guitars...which I still can't wait to do!

On October 19, I slipped on a step, fell forward, and dislocated the middle finger on my left hand.  My left hand is my fretting hand as I am a right-handed guitarist.  After having it reset at the hospital and seeing an orthopedic doctor, I'm worried about my ability to play guitar again.

Anyone have similar experience and words of encouragement and hope?

The pain is nearly gone now, but my flexibility and strength are nowhere near where they were less than two weeks ago.  :-(
If you just start playing again you will get your hand back in shape.
Don't worry just give it time. I did the same thing on my right hand (I'm a lefty!!). If you still have a little pain it means you're still healing and you can't expect full strength and mobility while that's still going on. My ability to play guitar was in no way diminished after a couple of months (Sadly it was in no way improved either :icon_jokercolor:)
I can realte.  Over the summer, i sliced my nuckle to the bone using a hacksaw--i guess the tree branches i was trimming at the time slipped out of the way--anyway, i gouged my left index finger all the way to the bone. it was pretty nasty. it was one of those injuries that goes so deep so fast, the bleeding takes a few moments to start. but, getting back to guitar playing, i was indeed worried as you are now about the future of my musical abilities ( i play piano too). it took my a few weeks before i had the courage, and much less pain, to attempt to shred once more. thankfully, no real severe damage was done, but my knuckle has been stiff and sore many a time after long playing sesions. it definitely takes a period of time to get used to the injury and get your chops back, but as long as all of your tendons and ligaments remain unharmed, you should be alright to play after a short break to heal. best of luck to you! 
wasnt there a famous guitarest who choped off the tips of his fingers...  :icon_scratch:  But yeah on that note, i broke my left arm (im a righty) had a full arm cast for about 7 weeks, and for a further 2-3 weeks my arm was too weak to hold up the guitar!!! But s'all good now!
Haha, are you referencing Tony Iommi? He made fake tips for his fingers that he cut the tips off at the mill he worked at right before Sabbath took off.
CD said:
Haha, are you referencing Tony Iommi? He made fake tips for his fingers that he cut the tips off at the mill he worked at right before Sabbath took off.

Does that make him the original shredder? :tard:
CD said:
Haha, are you referencing Tony Iommi? He made fake tips for his fingers that he cut the tips off at the mill he worked at right before Sabbath took off.
Thats the one! yeah i was too lazy to google it.

and willy, i never thought ud sink so low.  :(
yeah, dude.  don't worry about it.  i broke my left ring finger and stretched out the ligament/tendon (whatever the hell it's called) and in a couple of months it was no problem.  actually, though, splints don't make as good of slides as you'd think they would...
and willy, i never thought ud sink so low.  :(

Mate, I'm low enough to bungee jump out of a snakes arse wearing a top hat and crepe soled brothel creepers
I never dislocated a finger but I did dislocate BOTH of my shoulders at the same time in Jan. 2001. It took a long time but I heeled up and I'm good to go again. Give it time, you'll be all set.
If it is within your insurance, I'd suggest looking for a physical therapist.  Better yet, find one familiar with treating musicians.  They can give you exercises to help recover.

Check out this website:  I stumbled across his booth at NAMM a few years ago.  Seems gimmicky, but I regularly use some of his exercises to keep my fingers loose.  Definitely makes a difference when I've been playing a lot.

On that note....

Led Zeppelin Concert Postponed, Page Breaks Finger

Published: November 1, 2007

Filed at 4:29 p.m. ET
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LONDON (Reuters) - The London comeback concert of rock group Led Zeppelin has been postponed for two weeks because guitarist Jimmy Page has broken his finger, the promoters said on Thursday.

The concert will now take place on December 10 and all tickets for the original concert on November 26 will be valid, a statement said.

See, shouldn't take that long!!!! Actually I think they're having to send him back to herion rehab again and he'll still sound awful live....
just take a trip to the bathroom to get to know your self about twice a day and you'll be fine. 
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Hi --

Last summer I broke the tip of my index finger on my left (fretting) hand doing some construction. It was called a "mallet finger" break where the tendon detaches from the fingertip. I thought I was finished as a player forever. It had to be pinned and then got infected. Anyway, in Sept I started playing again slowly, being careful not to push it to hard and so as not to start the "inflamation / calcification" cycle (where the body lays down new bone to "repair" the inflamation). As soon as my finger started hurting I quit for the day. I noticed that my "muscle memory" was all off too. When I tried to finger a 1st postiion C chord for example, my index finger would go to the G string and not the B like it should. I was very depressed, but kept at it. I am happy to say that now I play about as long as I want and all my musle memory has been restored. In fact, I think I am a more focused practicer than I was before. Guess I feel lucky that it wasn't taken away from me.

Hang in there dude ... take it slowly ... keep the faith

BTW: I started taking that Glucosamine (sp) stuff because the infection ate away all the cartilidge I had between the last two bones in my finger. Not only did it help my finger, but made other "aches and pains" I had elsewhere go away. Really worked for me. I had really bad problems with my thumbs that made barre and power chords hard to do (I aint no spring chicken), The Glucosamine really helped with that too.
Thanks everyone!  This has been very helpful; I knew I'd get some experience and support with this group!

My tendons are fine; the orthopedic doctor ensured that on my first visit with him.  It's been two full weeks since I did it and there is still pain, but the mobility and flexibility are both improving!

This message board is THE BEST!