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Hi, hoping someone could help me out with this.
I want to tru oil a neck, is it ok to apply the tru oil over abalone inlay?
yeah, it's birdseye maple (I hope........ haven't pulled the trigger on it yet, I've been keeping an eye on it for a couple of weeks, get payed tomorrow and am going to buy it as soon as I get home from work, this is a plan that hasn't worked out in the past)
well... yes ya can use it over the inlays.

just remember to use that stuff as THIN as possible 

THIN is the key with oil finishes (most finishes really)

I know there's the warranty issue... and why TruOil is favored because of its inclusion into warranty "ok" status, so even though I hate the stuff... use it if ya gotta.
Thanks Bro, to be honest the only reason I'm going the oil route is due to cost. But I have heard a lot of good things about oil finishes, so fingers crossed it turns out ok.

Heck, go down to Walmart and get two spray bombs of DEFT lacquer and have a GREAT finish!
I like this stuff
Nitro toner, just a bit darker than amber.
Thanks for the advice guys. Did I say it was all down to cost? I should have added that I've also heard that oiling a neck is so easy even a drummer could do it.
In my younger days I've messed up a guitar or two by trying to respray them, granted I was useing auto paint, these were the days before the internet and I knew as much about refinishing as I did brain surgery. No prizes for guessing how they turned out. So I'd have to say I would be very reluctant to go anywhere near this neck with a spray can.
misplacedsanity said:
I've also heard that oiling a neck is so easy even a drummer could do it.

Ya but they oil necks with SAE 10w30, and they think its cuz they'd seize up otherwise.
despite what many here believe and/or claim, a TruOil finished neck is a thing of beauty that can be easily done by even a novice

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