All rosewood Tele neck with Blocks


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Hi Everybody:
Time to show off a bit my second W project. I got the neck as a (planned) christmas present and have been tung oiling the body for a few weeks now. In person, the neck and body colors match extremely well but they look different in the photos.
Showcase walnut thinline body, P90neck tele bridge. Custom order all-rosewood tele neck, standard thin, 6130 frets, block inlays, graphite nut. Gotoh sg38 tuners. This is getting a SD lil 59 bridge and a Rio Grande Jazzbar neck, as well as the graphtech ghost piezo system. Pickup selector will go in the Les Paul position.


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That sounds sweet already, and looks even better,

I'm gonna have to build one of them thinline teles soon
That looks really nice, too bad you're going to use it to play the blues!...J/K :laughing7:

What is the body wood?
it looks better then i thought would be by your descriptions in your other post.............brilliant  :icon_thumright:
Thanks guys, I can't wait to get this thing together.
Chris, the body is walnut but it may not be a very representative example of walnut; other walnut bodies I've seen have much curvier/curlier grain (more like burl), this one is a lot straighter and could almost pass for dark-stained ash. Top is two-piece but it would take a microscope to tell. Don't despair; I won't ONLY play the blues on it, just mostly.
Minwax 'dark walnut' stain, just two quick coats, then pure behlen's tung oil (8 coats). No grain fill and minimal sanding, a pretty easy wood to finish. Need to let it cure a few more days then buff it out.
Wow! What a great way to start the year! Nice build, well thought out and excecution. Definatley one I would like to have.

That looks like a guitar you could actually play, instead of hanging on the wall (and worrying about "the first scratch...") I like wood guitars - around here if you show up with anything too gaudy people start talking about how much "Prince would love your new guitar, fella...."). The pickguard matches the inlays too.
Actually, Stubhead, this photo represents my next project:
And yes, I do plan to play the hell out of it.


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They sound great. I have the finished guitar at and will post sound files at some point.