all goncalo neck finshing ???


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My first post here!

I just bought this and it is on it's way.

I understand they say no finish required but I would like to put a nice satin or gloss lacquer on it.
I haven't decided which .

I have searched and searched for info on this wood and have come up empty.

Is it even advisable to finish this wood ?
Will a lacquer finish bond to it well enough to be durable under heavy use?
I have read no filler requierd . Is it advisable to just " sand and spray" ?
If lacquer is out , what is "in" ?
If it is not advisable to finish it , can it be polished and with what product?



Hello and welcome.  I have a Goncalo neck with a pau ferro fretboard, and while most everybody here sings the virtues of the completely raw neck, I just knew that I would grub the thing up in no time, so I wanted to put some kind of finish on it.  What I ended up doing was to use pure Tung oil.  It is very simple to apply, and there is literally a ton of info on this here board about doing it properly.  Even I couldn't mess this up.  My results were incredible.  The neck darkened a little, which I liked, and it showed the contrast between the lighter wood and the darker stripes that Goncalo sometimes has, but it really retained the feel of the raw wood.  Now I feel like I have the best of both worlds, in that my neck feels pretty raw, but is protected.  The only drawback to tung oil that I see is that it will need to be re-applied sometime down the road, but really with the ease that this stuff went on I am not afeared!  Oh, yeah, almost forgot, nice score, that neck is beautiful!