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Simple question.

If I've got cream binding and pickups, should go ahead and get cream dot inlays? I was thinking about leaving the dots off, but the non-refundable thing is a consideration. board will be ebony, body - very black walnut. guard and knobs cream.
Consider a whiter material for the dots. Since they are so small, they may look too dark against all that ebony and unmatched with the rest of your hardware. I'm not saying this is how it must and will be, but it's a common phenomenon. Also, m.o.p. inlays look really cool  :glasses9:
Are you binding the neck?
Might look nice completely clean, ie no dots.
But I like M.o.P dots too.
What colour is your hardware?  Gold, nickel/chrome, black?

But then, it your it how YOU want it.
A touch of chrome hardware, almost all plastic will be cream.

No dots is my first choice. Still in the air though.
Cream on Ebony would look fantastic! My first choice would be no dots though. The way a nice clean board looks is really, really nice. Are you really concerned about needing to return it? If you did have to return it, it would only be due to manufacture defect and that's not going to happen.

There is one consideration however. If you were to put this neck on another guitar down the road perhaps, then the cream dots may not match. Just another argument for not having any dots I suppose.

Good luck making up your mind in the candy shop!