Advice on damaged finish after drilling


Hi all,
Sad to say, when drilling two screw-holes for the mounting ring on my new body, the finish has become damaged as visible in the contained image. Luckily, it is all covered by the mounting ring, so it is not visible, but I am scared it will spread.
Should I leave it alone? (won't there be any pressure from the mounting ring and screw that can spread it further?)
or should I treat it with something before I continue?

thank you for any advice.
- Daniel


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I've had that happen drilling pick guard screw holes, hasn't gotten any worse over the years.
I guess the best course is prevention; sharp drill bits, high speed, slow bore rate seems to work for me.
If you're really concerned, you could place a TINY amount of cyanoacrylate in the hole, and let it wick underneath the raised portion.

Personally I wouldn't worry about it.
I've had that happen on a trem cover screw hole. Year or so later, when I took the trem cover off again, the little bubble had turned into a flake and just fell off. Still totally covered by the trem cover though.

I usually put a piece of painter's tape where I'll be drilling. Lets me mark the exact spot with pen or pencil, and it seems to aid against the problem you've had. Don't know if that's just my own superstition, or what.

I have a dinosaur-powered vacuum cleaner just like Wilma Flintstone, too.... :blob7:
Ha, I've got a duplicate of the one on the right, that thing is ancient. I also have a Beta VCR in a closet that I refuse to throw away.
Cheers guys,
I am going to leave it alone.

I am using painters tape, I think a too slow drill speed was the problem.