active EMG P/J pickups?


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any good? i really want the explorer in the showcase and its pickups are PJ. i saw that emg gives u evrything u need for electronics (please correct me if im wrong) with active pickups in one package. is it worth $157?
it all depends on what sound you're shooting for. some guys I know really like the EMG sound, but it's not my personal thing even though I really tried to like them.

in establishing which pickups I would use as my standard install I tried all of the major suppliers and also a whole lot of the boutiques. I found that I preferred the Nordstrand sound - and nearly 100% of my clients agree. for a Nordy P/J set you would need to decide if you wanted a single coil for the J pickup or whether you wanted a split-coil. the split coil will be hum cancelling, even when run solo

more info can be found here:

in the end it comes down to what your ear prefers. I'd recommend heading out to Guitar Center and playing a few basses with EMG's and see if you like the sound.

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I like them quite a bit. EMG's sound kind of how they sound, so you either like that sound or you don't. I certainly wouldn't discourage you from the body, though, because pretty much everyone makes a P/J set.