A newbie Dinky J-Bass build



Hi all you guys out there! I'm a newbie and this is my first time making my first bass. The bass I ordered is a Dinky J-bass swamp ash one-piece with a 21 fret Maple and rosewood neck. The body is routed for a jazz pickup at the neck and a musicman humbucker at the bridge. Its been 4 weeks waiting now, and i think it will be in next week. I  REALLY can't wait to start my first build!  :toothy10:

Any help and tips for assembly would be greatly appreciated! 

Sounds cool!  Strange pickup combination, I don't think I've ever seen a bass like that.  How are you finishing it?
I'll stain the body in a light blue with a nitro-cellulose coat....and the neck  will be satin finish. 

great and very versitile pickup combination - I really love the one I built a few years back


you'll find even greater flexibility of you install a coil tap switch for your MM pickup. this way you'll get the best of both worlds ... a MM, a J/MM, and a J/J (with coil tapped to ground)

all the best,

i've been scouring the market for an affordable bass with this pup combo, and i finally stumbled upon the ibanez rd.
that doesn't really add to the subject, so... look over there while i make my escape.
I just ordered a kit from Carvin with that same pick up combo.  I went with a kit for my 1st build, but I will be doing a dinkey J bass soon.