7 String Locking Nut (48mm) question


Hello everyone new here, i got 2 question for the forumers,
1) I wanna replace my existing 7 strings Ibanez locking nut to a licensed Floyd Locking nut. My guitar is a Ibanez UV777 and the original locking nut strips off. Base on the size it's original ibanez locking nut it's 48mm and the one i'm about to order is here linkhttp://www.warmoth.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=20814. measure 48mm too.
what do you guys think can it fit?

2) I want to use a Fender LSR Roller Nut 1 11/16" Nut Width, on my existing Fender Tex/Mex Strat spoted with 1 11/16" Nut Width measurement, can I just change it with any doing any extra routing for the LSR?
I don't know the answers to your questions, but (1) welcome and (2) let's see that guitar!  Do you have any Warmoths?  :rock-on:
Thks for the welcome, Which guitar u wanted to see?
I'm used to order only parts thru warmoth but don't own any warmoth guitars. Before I commit my money towards buying the guitar nuts(Floyd and LSR I wanted to confirm, if not well i have to gamble and see.
I meant the Fender... anyway if nobody here can answer your questions try calling Warmoth, they will probably know.
Hi here's the fender

Already asked the Warmoth guys, about the 48mm floyd lock nut, his said his not to sure either.
Aww, all stock :(  To keep the guys here entertained you have to have heavily customized guitars :D
lsr needs to have the nut slot widened twords the bridge. if i remember corectly the depth and the back of the slot are the same as stock, the center or the rolers needs to line up with the front of the origonal slot.

and for the 7, i don't know if the screw holes will line up but yes it should work ok if ya fill & drill. maybe also needs a shim or deaper mounting position but i don't think so.
DiMitriR33, thks for the info given.

Ok I admit it the previous fender pic was a stock taken from fender side. But because of ur request and to keep you entertain here's my actual Fender Strat and it is heavily moded.
1) Fender Original Black pearl pickguard.
2) Seymour Duncan lil JB humbucker neck pickup
    Seymour Duncan QuaterPounder middle pickup
    Seymour Duncan lil JB humbucker Bridge pickup
3) Schaller Locking Tuners
4) Gotoh Wilkinson VSVG Vinatge Tremolo.



Hope you guys enjoy  :rock-on:

NOW you're talking!  :headbang1:  How do you like those mini JBs?  Also, I thought the 1/4 pounder was just a P-bass pickup.  :dontknow:
Since my Strat are heavily moded, that's why I wanted to change the nut to an LSR. The mini JBs are 1 of the best pickups for blues to metal. The 1/4 pounder is not a P-bass pickup, it's a Super Hot Single coil pickup use in the bridge position by Blackmore. Originaly it was in the bridge position, than I install it in the middle after it's been replace by the JBs a few years ago. If you like prefer single coil sound but with much hotter output than 1/4 pounder is the 1.