7-string bridge route woes


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I'm going to be building a 7-string soon, and I want a whammy. I found two high quality, two-post Strat-type bridges:

There's also a new 7-string Kahler. However, Warmoth won't route for anything but a recessed Floyd Rose, and I have never heard the kind of tone from one of those that I like (Sorry, Satch, Vai etc.). Has anyone ever cut one of the Strat-type holes? I'd have to sink the posts, too - it almost seems like the Kahler would be easier, you just have to chisel out a little hole. http://www.wammiworld.com/route_needed.html
call them, and ask, maybe if you send them your bridge and instructions they could do it for you.
Okay so I've never actually used a Kahler (not really a tremolo guy), but if I was, I'd be all over Kahlers. They seem like such a fantastic, innovative take on trems.