64 purple haze strat


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What’s up y’all. I’m mike new to the forum. I’ve built amps and pedals in the past and worked on a few of my own guitars. This is my first build in progress. I paint it burgundy mist with an amber top coat. Photos to follow

Thanks for checking it out


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Wouldn’t let me upload great pics. sorry


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Hi Mike, welcome to the forum.

Try adding your photos using the insert image option. CTRL+P you can either upload them or if you have them hosted elsewhere then select the tab by link. At that point, you do not need to click insert but if you do choose Full Image rather than thumbnail. If you edit your posts you should be able to insert the images you currently have as attachments.


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Watch your picture sizes. The limit is pretty low here.

It might be a cell phone/non desktop computer thing though.

All I know is that I can't just upload pics from my gallery. I either have to link from another forum, or severely shrink my pics down to 40% size, and even then I have issues.

As always, ymmv

OP: love that color.