6000 frets

I'm pretty sure that Warmoth can fret a neck with fretwire you send them, like if you want the really big stainless steel fretwire that LMII carries:
(#FWSS110) = 0.057" crown height.

Check this action:

Look at #433259 - 2.59mm crown height = 0.102" high! Now that's jumbo! :hello2: (!)  :hello2:  I'm not sure if you have to go to the Republic of Belarus yourself to pick it up.... They have some really cool fret nippers too:


Tang nippers provide a very clean L-shape cut at the fret tang butt-end.
Frets with suchwise nipped tang butt-ends provide for opportunity of decorative filling
of the slots on a fingerboard (plastic lining fitted at the edge, etc.)

I never put on a suit to nip tang butts....