500k and 250k???

Time to post this again, I guess:

GoDrex said:
Anyone use 1meg pots on their guitars?

I used one for a guy who wanted his guitar to sound more 'bright'. he liked the pickups, but needed a bit more clarity, so I used it on that guitar. gives you good sounds, if you like it ofcourse. My favorite is 330K ohm. crisp, but not too much, warm, but not muddy
GoDrex said:
Anyone use 1meg pots on their guitars?

I do. Call me crazy, but I just want to get as much out of my pickups as I can. To each his own. However, I plan on doin' a build with a Fender Custom Shop '69 Strat pickup set and I'll probably use a 250K pot, or maybe a 300K pot. I sure am tempted to use a 1 Meg pot on 'em, but that'd probably be pushin' it.

GoDrex said:
Anyone use 1meg pots on their guitars?

I'm building a mag/piezo bass, and the piezo manufacturer recommended a 1M pot for the piezo volume control. definitely something new to me, but it's what the manufacturer recommends

outisde of this example I see no real value to using anything but 250K pots on my passive basses - so long as the pickups are also designed to be utilized as such. generally speaking, most installs where a client has insisted on 500k pots sound very brittle and harsh to my ears. I mean, why would someone want all those sizzling highs out of their bass - that what guitarists are for

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Danelectros use 1M volume pots.

Edit: and 100K tone pots, of all things.  I can't confirm this as I've never measured one but I read it somewhere online.
thebassdocter said:
Whats the difference?

that depends on your pickups and guitar cable.

yes for low and medium output stuff the bigger # is brighter generally applies.
this does not extend the bandwith apreciably though. the upper roll-off is determined by the capacitence of the curcuit and the inductence. the cable is the largest sorce of capacitence to ground, that is if you don't have the tone rolled off. long or spiral cables are the worst.

however there is ussually a bump in the upper mids or treble depending on the pickup and cable combo. a larger value pot increases this effect, or i should say doesn't reduce it so much.
so it increases treble output vs a 250k, it doesn't extend it

a lower value value will flatten out the responce, a very low value like 100k or less will become a low pass filter with the inductence of the pickup and then you lose high end responce all toghther.

there are exceptions. i've seen a chart for an invader from seymour duncan and it's bump is in the mids to low mids. no pot change or even a lack there of, can make this a bright pickup. the chart showed i think a 500k a 250k and a 100k on this pup and there was only a slight diference in output, the curve didn't change much.
GoDrex said:
Anyone use 1meg pots on their guitars?

I use one on an Ibanez with a basswood body, and I really like it.

I have an ESP with an alder body and original Floyd Rose,. It has a 500K and I wouldn't want it any brighter...