5/8 vs 11/16


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How noticable of a differance is there between these 2 neck widths. I just bought a neck off the show case and after all was said and done I noticed that it was a 5/8's neck. To my knowledge I have never played on one and the 1/16 spread across the width of the neck doesn't seem like much but you never know. Can anyone weigh in on this that has played both. Am a worrying for nothing or is there a very noticable differance. Like I have stated in previous posts this is a build for my dad and he is definatly a creature of habit and would hate for him to be disapointed. (although he would never say anything)

I find myself bouncing back and forth between the two but I am pretty convinced now that I like the 1 5/8" the best. And I don't have small hands - I'm pretty average in that regard. Older guitars are likely to have 1 5/8" nut widths so no doubt he's played them.

I can feel the difference but I do play on both without thinking to much about it. If you want to cancel that order, email sales@warmoth.com.
I got big paws, and dont mind any of them really...  1-5/8 feels natural, but so does the 1-11/16 and so does the really narrow 1-9/16 on the L6s's

Maybe they're a little crowded for some things... fancy fingering and pulls offs and such down low....  or could be a little more practice and I'd be better at it
Naw don't want to cancel it, as it was a really beautiful neck and I am having it drilled for Spezels and finished so don't want to pay a change fee and all that, that goes along with it. Being that this is a completly different guitar then he has become accostumed too (he currently play's a strat I bought him 10 years ago) it is likely to feel alot different then his current rig anyway. In any event I know he will love it. It has been 5 years in the making and he has no clue but of course I have had every nut and bolt planned out for years and when it finally comes down to crunch time it seems as though I am second guessing everything to make sure it is perfect.

Here is the decal I had made for the headstock...It is under protective paper of course but you get the idea. The serial number is the state he was born in and the year of his birth a pretty cool touch I think he will dig. As you can see I have until July 15th to get this done!!!!


Wow that looks great!!  You should practice putting those decals on if you haven't done it before, I always f*ck them up.  :(
I have several of either width, but couldn't tell you which was which unless I had a ruler in my hand.
I play guitars with 1 5/8, 1 11/16, 1 3/4 and 2.
There is a huge difference depending on many factors.  I can tell the difference.

You'd probably like the smaller necks if you are a beginner, have small hands or want to do thumb over chords.
You'll probably like the larger necks if you have more experience, have larger hands, are older and need space between your fingers, or have no problems chording.

Different necks for difference purposes and needs.  And you can get used to anything.  Personally, I find the 1 5/8 cramped, but useful for playing bo didley stuff where I gotta manhandle the neck.

The good news is you can always swap out the neck if your dad doesn't like it.
I have a 1 5/8" width on my "Mustang", it's designed to be my easy-play model for working out parts, doing scale drudgery etc. My "Tele" has a 1 3/4" width, but I cut the nut to have spacing like on a 1 11/16" inch neck, with most of the extra space on the treble side. It has a scalloped neck and I wanted as much room for leverage for bends as possible. If I had to choose one I'd take 1 11/16", but I don't have to choose, now do I?  :toothy12:

(I am NOT going to a desert island unless I get to take ALL my crap along....) :blob7:

Where did you get that Mustang?

Ummm... Warmoth? Tell 'em no hole for the nasty standard Mustang bridge, and what pickups you want etc. They even made the pickguard with a HB route for the Bill Lawrence L500L and a straight-across hole for the Bill Lawrence single Strat PU in the neck position. $28 I think, I can make pickguards but it's a pain. I didn't want the weird standard Mustang wiring, so I reamed out the control plate for a three-way switch, and put in concentric tone/volumes so I can balance the pickups. I had to drill a big hole in it's butt for the neck jack, in a regular Les Paul-type location. This is a great practice guitar, comfortable and small enough to play in the car, in my rocking chair, in bed etc. Maple/pau ferro neck, 6100s, alder body.
They told me they could only drill for the standard Mustang bridge, and I'm afraid I will jack it up if I try to drill my own bridge.  :(
Put the neck on with two outside tuners; screw the hardtail bridge pieces all the way forward, measure 24" from the nut slot (for a Mustang), put two strings through the bridge and outside tuners and line them up... that would work. Though I used a straightedge... also, on a two piece body, the seam is going to be the centerline all the way down, if it's in the center of the neck pocket.